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Our Small TOURS LIBRES company is made up of a group of Friends and Colleagues from the Tourism Career as Professional Guides graduated from San Marcos University 4 years ago, since then we have started this small project of Free Walking Tour in Peru, in the cities Peru Cusco, Lima and Arequipa, as our main headquarters in Peru we decided to open an office in the Imperial City of Cusco.

Our company arises from the lack of appreciation for the Tourism Career in the Guided area, since in this Free Tour service some people think that there is no need to study and obtain the corresponding Official Tourism Guide card, Therefore, That is False, in Peru it is a primary requirement to study at an institution or university to obtain the Official Tourism Guide Card Credential


“As a Peruvian Company to be the best host in Tours & Free Tour services”


“To be recognized at the Tour & Free Tours level in Peru as a 100% Quality Category and Expand our Brand Worldwide”


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